A History of Helping Businesses Stay Safe and Secure

After more than 40 years of supplying the security and public safety industries, a new chapter begins with SentraCam.

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About SentraCam

The next level in commercial security and surveillance.

SentraCam is the commercial security division of Air Comm, a supplier of communication and public safety equipment for police and fire departments, security firms and businesses of all sizes for over 40 years. During that time we recognized a gap in traditional business security. While on-site security guards and video recording cameras provided a basic level of security, they were limited in effectiveness. On-site security guards can't monitor your entire property at once and standard security cameras can only show recorded crimes after they happen.

Based on new technology and customer feedback, we developed a better approach for your company's security. SentraCam combines electronic detection with live remote monitoring, allowing us to detect and stop criminal behavior in real time. The result is better security coverage for less money. SentraCam offers virtual security guard services throughout Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

Active Video Monitoring

Trained Security Specialists

From our Assessment and Installation team to our 24/7 Command Center guard staff, SentraCam hires and trains the best people. Remote guards go through extensive scenario training in addition to technical instruction. By combining smart detection software with our team of trained security experts, we can monitor your entire area in real-time with personnel that can handle any situation.

Customized Solutions

During your initial consultation, we carefully assess your needs to create an optimized solution. A SentraCam security specialist will analyze your entire property from every angle to determine that best equipment setup. This will include a combination of fixed and/or mobile equipment such as security cameras, loudspeakers and network equipment. Virtual boundaries are established for SentraCam's advanced analytics system. Once set up, we test the setup to make sure it meets your expectations.

Property Evaluation

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