Your Security Camera System has a Critical Flaw

As thieves target more car dealerships, why are small business owners still watching their autos being stolen on recorded video?

At the time of this writing, auto dealerships in the Kansas City area are being plagued by a rash of break-ins. Within a two week period, five dealers reported thefts or attempted break-ins.

The same thing happened just north of Atlanta two months earlier. It’s as if word has gotten out about how easy it is to break into car dealerships, and we can expect the problem to spread to cities like PhoenixSalt Lake City and Denver.

One reason thieves are targeting automobile dealerships is because, for many, their only line of defense is a simple, store bought video camera system. These basic surveillance systems are fine if you want the entertainment of watching your company assets being taken away from you, but they do nothing to stop the crime in progress.

According to FOX 5 in Atlanta, “Surveillance video captured the thieves spending nearly four hours taking the cars.”

Four hours and nothing was done!

Without someone watching them in real time, security cameras are not securing anything.

So what can you do? Security guards are expensive. Plus, they can’t cover the entire property at once and there’s always the issue of safety.

Video Surveillance Command Center
Video Surveillance Command Center

A better approach is to hire a company to monitor surveillance cameras in real time. In the past, this was an expensive option for large companies. However, with the help of new technology and the cloud, businesses of all sizes can afford to hire live virtual security guards.

Remote video surveillance companies can install network equipment, loudspeakers and high definition cameras that detect movement in pre-defined areas. To assure that your entire property is protected, an installation specialist will analyze your property from every angle to determine that best equipment setup that avoids blind spots and overcomes low light areas.

If the system detects a potential threat, an on-duty guard is alerted. From there, the security guard can intervene through amplified loudspeakers to leave the area. If the intruder doesn’t comply, the authorities can be dispatched to your business location.

The entire event will be recorded and can be used as evidence if needed. However, the days of spending four hours watching your business being robbed are over.