Protect Your Dispensary with Live Video Monitoring

Discover why cannabis dispensaries trust SentraCam for remote virtual security.

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Your 24/7 virtual security guard

SentraCam offers ideal solutions for the cannabis industry.

Marijuana dispensaries often experience break-ins and theft because of the nature of their inventory. On-site security guards offer a partial solution, but they're can't monitor your entire property at once and are limited by viewing angles and visibility. Only technology-assisted live video surveillance can monitor 100% of your facilities and grounds 100% of the time. That's where SentraCam comes in. Take a look at how we fit into your effective security plan:

Marijuana Dispensary

Monitor Entire Property Simultaneously

SentraCam combines electronic detection with live remote monitoring, allowing us to detect suspicious behavior with superhuman effectiveness. Our security specialist will analyze your property from every angle to determine that best installation setup that avoids blind spots and overcomes low light conditions.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring and Interception

SentraCam doesn't just record crimes on video. Our trained security staff monitor your area in real-time, identifying and stopping crimes before they happen. If the incident escalates, SentraCam staff can contact the authorities.


Watch the Shop from Your Phone

Are employees taking care of customers in a timely fashion? What actions are being taken when you're not on the premises? Not only can you identify problems while you' re away, the SentraCam team can alert you if they see suspicious behavior or possible safety hazards.


Loudspeaker Intervention

If an intruder crosses a boundary or suspicious behavior occurs in the vicinity, the monitoring team engages with the threat via amplified loudspeakers. If the issue escalates, SentraCam coordinates with the authorities.


Detailed Incident Reporting

We want to make sure you are in-the-know anytime an incident occurs on your site. If the monitoring team notices any suspicious activity, they provide a full report containing all the information you might need.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Security Costs

You might think that a high tech solution like this would put a big dent in your security budget. However, you'll be happy to discover that SentraCam's solutions are a small fraction of the cost of hiring on-premise security guards. SentraCam offers state-of-the-art protection for less money.

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