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How It Works

Find out how SentraCam designs a customized live video monitoring solution for your business.
Step 1

Property Evaluation

A SentraCam security specialist will analyze your entire property from every angle to determine that best equipment setup that avoids blind spots. From there, virtual boundaries are established on the site (see photo) and high-risk areas are identified within these boundaries. Our video analytic software alerts the monitoring team if a boundary is crossed.

Property Evaluation
Step 2

Professional Installation

Our team of professional installers will implement the custom design developed in step one. This will include a combination of fixed and/or mobile equipment such as security cameras, loudspeakers and network equipment. For temporary locations or power limitations (common on construction sites), SentraCam has its own line of solar-powered mobile surveillance units.

Security Equipment Installation
Step 3

Active Monitoring

The SentraCam Command Center takes a proactive approach to monitoring your property. By combining smart detection software with our team of trained security experts, we can monitor your entire area in real-time. This approach allows us to stop crimes before they happen rather than merely reviewing security footage of how your assets were stolen or damaged.

Live Monitoring
Step 4

Advanced Analytics

In bright sunshine or low light environments, SentraCam's surveillance system can detect movement that's typically undetectable to the human eye. Plus, our system uses algorithms to learn the patterns of potential incidents or threats. This sophisticated analytics platform uses operator feedback to recognize and adapt to motions and incidents relevant to your business, while ignoring irrelevant actions.

Advanced Analytics
Step 5

Loudspeaker Intervention

If an intruder crosses a boundary or suspicious behavior occurs in the vicinity, the monitoring team engages with the threat via amplified loudspeakers. By using this method, most crimes can be prevented without having to dispatch law enforcement. If the issue does escalate, SentraCam will coordinate with the authorities.

Real-Time Intervention
Step 6

Reporting & Documentation

A key benefit to remote video surveillance is that it provides a visual record of monitored activities. In case of legal action, video evidence is better than a security guard’s testimony. All video footage is stored and any incidents are documented by the SentraCam team. Live-stream video is also available to you at any time on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Reporting & Documentation

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Watch SentraCam in Action

Employee tries drifting with the company truck.

SentraCam does more than prevent crime. We help keep your employees and assets safe. SentraCam mitigates workplace accidents by ensuring proper safety precautions are taken. The monitoring team can alert management of possible safety hazards or in the event of an accident. In areas where employees may feel unsafe walking to their vehicles at night, SentraCam staff will act as a virtual escort and make sure they leave safely.


Watch SentraCam in Action

Car thieves arrested at auto dealership.

Watch this actual footage captured by SentraCam live surveillance. Our advanced video analytics automatically identify possible threats. Once identified, a trained monitoring technician will intervene using amplified loudspeakers installed on each of our surveilled locations. If an issue does escalate, SentraCam will coordinate with the police.