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Real-Time Monitoring for Superior Warehouse Security

Posted in Warehouse Security, Resources

Warehouse theft and crime are rampant, costing billions annually. Traditional security measures like fences and patrol guards prove ineffective against determined criminals. Modern warehouse managers need to implement smart real-time monitoring solutions for superior protection. With the right video surveillance and virtual guard systems in place, theft incidents can be deterred before incurring major losses.

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Why Every Office Building Needs Virtual Security

Posted in Resources, Building Security

As crimes plague office buildings across the country, property managers want their tenants protected, but on-site security guards can be expensive. Now, artificial intelligence-powered virtual security systems offer a compelling solution. Video analytics and real-time monitoring provide complete, tireless protection without bloated guard budgets. This game-changing technology is revolutionizing office building security.

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Keep Your Church Safe with Remote Security Guards

Posted in Industry News, Church Security, Resources

Explore how virtual security guards leverage AI to provide churches with a flexible, affordable security solution to protect people and property around the clock.

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Car Dealerships Discover that Security Cameras Aren't Enough

Posted in Industry News, Auto Dealership Security, Resources

After an increase in car thefts, auto dealers realize that a thief getting “caught on camera” is cold comfort. Without someone watching the video in real time, security cameras don’t really secure anything. Is there a better alternative to simple security cameras?

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Jobsite Security Cameras Lack One Important Feature

Posted in Industry News, Construction Site Security, Resources

You’ve decided it’s time to buy security cameras for your construction jobsite, but you soon discover this is not a simple purchase. Here we briefly discuss the limitations of most of the security cameras on the market, including the biggest flaw you’ll soon run into. Next, we’ll discuss a better solution for a construction company.

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5 Ideas for a Better Construction Site Security Plan

Posted in Resources, Industry News, Construction Site Security

To prevent your company from becoming the next statistic, it’s important to create an effective construction site security plan. While each plan must be customized for the job site and the company’s situation, we’ve discovered that there are five ideas a business should consider that can make the biggest difference for preventing theft.

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Why Companies are Switching to Live Security Camera Monitoring Services

Posted in Resources, Industry News

Until recently, companies had two options for security their property: they could hire an on-site security guard or they could install a security camera system that only videotapes their assets being stolen or vandalized. Today, video surveillance solution providers are offering digital and network-based smart technology for powerful real time live monitoring. No longer limited to large companies with big budgets, these cloud based surveillance-as-a-service solutions can help companies of any size.

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Your Security Camera System has a Critical Flaw

Posted in Resources, Industry News

As crime goes up for small business owners, why are they still watching their assets being stolen on recorded videos? New technology and security services can stop crimes before they happen.

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SentraCam video helps police in traffic accident investigation

Posted in Company News

Surveillance video by SentraCam provided police with more details about how two 13-year-old girls were hit by a minivan while walking in a crosswalk in Taylorsville, Utah.

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